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New Patient Information

If you are a new patient to our practice we welcome you. We also want you to know that you will have ample help during the time you will be preparing for and recovering from surgery.

Making a decision

The first and most important step in the process of preparing for surgery is the decision making step. We  know that it may be difficult to distinguish between various procedures, practices, surgeons, or hospitals. We believe that the best way we can help you is to make available to you accurate and scientific information about your options in a personalized setting so that you can make the most suitable and informed decision.

Your office visit

If you are able to, please download the Initial evaluation form (for bariatric surgery patients) or Patient Questionnaire form (for Digestive and Hernia surgery patients) prior to your first office visit and bring the completed form with you. This will help expedite your visit.

Also, If you are contemplating weight loss surgery it is essential that you call your insurance carrier and confirm that bariatric surgery (CPT code 43644) is a covered benefit without an exclusion clause. Ask your insurance carrier for a copy of their most recent eligibility criteria and bring that with you to your first office visit.

During your visit, you will receive valuable information about your surgery and our laparoscopic surgery program. For digestive and hernia surgery patients, we are generally able to schedule surgery within 4 weeks following your visit. For weight loss surgery patients, the process may be more involved and will include a group educational seminar in an interactive and informal setting during the first office visit, and an informative video.

Preparing for digestive or hernia surgery

Following the first visit if surgery is deemed suitable for you, you will receive information about any additional testing that might be required. Our staff will co-ordinate your care and help you prepare for surgery. About five days before surgery, most patients will be required to pre-register at the hospital (for inpatient surgery) and perform some blood tests. You may also be required to perform a bowel prep in some instances the day before surgery. Dr. Zaré and our staff will inform you ahead of time about these details.

Preparing for weight loss surgery

Following the first visit if bariatric surgery is deemed suitable for you, you will receive appointments with our in-house dietitian and dedicated psychologist. These are essential steps for fulfilling the insurance pre-authorization requirements. During this time, other tests or consultations may also be required and we will help you arrange for them. Since our program has been structured with special attention to efficiency of the process, we will stay involved throughout the preoperative period to help you navigate the various required steps. This entire process may take several weeks but your diligence and pro-active involvement can significantly shorten this time interval.

Surgery and follow-up

In the midst of the complex system of healthcare, we believe in delivering personalized care. That means you will receive the full attention of each member of our surgical team throughout the time you are under our care. Dr. Zaré will personally supervise every aspect of your surgery and hospital stay and provide long-term follow up. We welcome you again and look forward to your first visit with us.

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Marc M. Zaré, MD, FACS
Marc M. Zaré, MD, FACS
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